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Zaheera Bayat is a Mompreneur who started a business called the Style and Image Studio. Her company offers women the chance to reinvent themselves, to transform from caterpillars into beautiful butterflies! She believes that women give and give to everyone, but so often neglect themselves, this is what inspired her to create a fabulous space exclusively for women where they can go for emotional healing through the I AM BEAUTIFUL programme that she has created, which is a 6 session programme towards a new and revitalised you!

All of these services are available in her studio, which is also used as a platform for other women in her community to empower themselves by renting out her space to them at a minimum cost so they may conduct their business out of it, the idea being to create sustainability within their community.

Zaheera also designs clothing for the plus sized women under her brand, Spiders and Lace because she believes it is time that these women stop hiding and be included in the fashion conversations across SA.  Zaheera also writes about women and empowerment for the SA India magazine and the Lenasia Times Newspaper and has also started a modeling and etiquette class for kiddies and teenagers, building a more confident youth through positive reinforcement.

Said Zaheera of her entry into Mompreneur; “I really would love to win the Mompreneur as I believe that despite having the challenges of being a mother, I am most definitely bringing about change on a mega scale within my community, because as a woman, there is nothing I cannot do!”

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