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These are some common causes of data damage, but more often than not, we know neither what caused the data damage nor when the data damage occurred.

  1. Power surge or drop out. You will not see the lights dim or the screen flicker, but a little surge just trashed your hard drive. Have a good uninterruptible power supply for everything in your network that uses electricity.
  2. Computer crash or abnormal shut down. We know what happens when we trip over the power cord and the power goes down or when we suddenly we see the famous Blue Screen. Work with your IT professional(s) to create a stable network and train your users.
  3. Insufficient Resources. A Resource is anything that enables transfer of data within a computer or across a network. What is sufficient varies from second to second. Use more than the minimum system requirements; use the maximum when economical. Resources include:
    1. Random Access Memory (RAM) and Virtual Memory in the server and workstations.
    2. Clock Speed of the server and workstations.
    3. Network Interface Cards in the server and workstations.
    4. Switch or Router that receives data from the server and sends it to the workstations.
    5. Network Cables that connect the computers.
  4. Other causes. More often than not, we do not know what causes data damage and cannot trouble shoot the root cause.
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