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With more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing and with a NDip in Food Technology, Thobekile Mchunu decided in 2015 to break away from corporate life to seek more balance in her life and an opportunity to spend more time with her two boys (aged 5 & 6). She started her own business, Entokozo Lean Production (ELP).

ELP is an organization that helps improve production efficiency by offering assistance in analyzing losses and waste, labour efficiency, OEE and offer to improve plant and product efficiency. They analyze and focus only on the process changes that will make the biggest differences in the shortest time, ensuring faster results with a smaller initial investment. They are South African trained, lean manufacturing consultants. Their consultants show clients measurable improvements on the shop floor and beyond as the entire organization begins to embrace the kaizen culture. Relying on their knowledge, education and past operations success, ELP consultants transform traditional manufacturers into powerful lean enterprises.

Said Thobekile, “I believe I should be named MOMPRENEUR 2016 because I started a baking business while I was on 12-hour shifts. This is when I realised the passion and obsession that I had in me in making it on my own and I surprised myself by how well I managed it. I am proud to have set an example in my community and played a role to inspire, influence and assist 5 ladies to start their own baking businesses.”

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