Payroll departments are important to the running of any business; it’s the department that rewards employees for their services rendered to the business each month. Therefore, it is vital that members of your payroll department are sufficiently trained in order for the department to operate smoothly.

How will payroll training benefit my business?

When operating a payroll software system, businesses will benefit from sending their employees to payroll training courses to familiarise them with the way payroll systems work. And with the payroll legislation constantly being updated, attending these types of workshops will be even more valuable because it helps employees stay up to date with the latest amendments to tax legislation.

By providing your employees with payroll training, your business will benefit from a skilled team of payroll administrators who will reduce financial hiccups to a minimum. QuickBooks payroll training courses cover all fundamental subject matter regarding the payroll process, superannuation, taxation and annual leave payouts to employees.

Whether it’s the advanced course you’re interested in or if you need to jog your memory with a refresher course, QuickBooks payroll training has a range of different courses that provide comprehensive knowledge of our different software packages.

What you will learn from QuickBooks payroll training course

QuickBooks training courses will equip your employees with everything they need to know to successfully manage everyday payroll duties. Our classes are hosted by experienced, qualified accountants and cover the following subjects:

  • Getting started in QuickBooks Quick Payroll and Quick Payroll Lite, and saving your preferences
  • Setting up employees and entering salary information (including tax deductions and other company costs)
  • Calculating tax deductions and other company costs
  • Remunerating employees
  • Viewing remuneration history
  • Advanced payroll functions such as year-to-date amounts, adjustments and editing or voiding
  • How to set up and use timesheets

Improve your company’s bookkeeping with QuickBooks payroll training

With an efficient financial department in place, your business will be on the road to success and your employees will remain happy (because they will be getting paid on time).

Decide which QuickBooks software package is ideal for your business and register for one of our payroll training courses now to ensure you get the most out of your software program.