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as at Aug 2016

The hourly rate is R600-00 per hour incl. VAT for a maximum of 2 people only, and R300.00 per
hour incl. VAT for every extra person attending per hour.

  1. Your company must possess a full backup of all data on your computer system(s) or if a network, the data on the file server terminals, before our consultant arrives. EasyBiz will not be liable for any loss or corruption of data as a result of working on your system(s).
  2. EasyBiz is not responsible for data being incorrect or corrupt as a result of a fault in any program you have purchased. All time spent fixing the fault within the data or program, including liaison with the program’s development company/agent will be charged for accordingly.
  3. Kindly note that you should also have an Anti-Virus program installed on your computer/s, as EasyBiz will not be liable for any data loss if and when data needs to be transferred etc.
  4. This condition extends to networks re-configuring any of the above.
  5. Changes to VAT by means of amendments, be it the VAT Liability account and/or creating of new journals will only be performed with full permission of owner/ accountant.
  6. EasyBiz cannot be held liable for information not disclosed or trained on as there are many aspects of QuickBooks that cannot be covered during an onsite support session.
  7. Any appointment not cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment, will be charged for at a minimum of 1 hour at the rates listed. This will be billed with the next booked appointment.
  8. The cost of travel is R6-00 per kilometer from our office to you and back. This will be charged for separately.
  9. Standard pricing IS STRICTLY limited to a maximum of 2 people only.
  10. Payment once again, is strictly cash on delivery on presentation of our tax invoice. If a second consultation is required, it will only be booked if the previous invoice has been settled in full.
  11. Onsite consulting cannot exceed the specified time booked.If extra time is needed another appointment can be scheduled through the office.
  12. All work carried out at your premises will be taken as part of the consultation time, this includes the installation of Quickbooks onto your PC/S.
  13. Kindly note that an Onsite Consultation is a service we provide and is therefore non-refundable

Kindly note the above Terms & Conditions, with particular attention to the payment arrangements.
Appointments can only be confirmed once all of the above terms and conditions have been accepted and signed (Authorised Signatory) for.

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