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Advanced Irrigation & Earthmoving

In celebration of Women’s Month this August, our business champion for this month is Suzanne Horne of Advanced Irrigation & Earthmoving.  Based just outside Port Elizabeth, this family run business, operated by husband and wife team of Warren and Suzanne Horne has been in business since 2003.  The company started out small and focused primarily on the supply, installation and repair of domestic garden irrigation systems.  They have come a long way since then and have since moved away from domestic irrigation to large scale projects which involve bigger irrigation installations and the laying of bulk water lines including many government tenders.

Business champion for this month is Suzanne Horne of Advanced Irrigation & EarthmovingSuzanne Horne of Advanced Irrigation & Earthmoving

The company has grown to 6 full time employees in that time and when working on these large scale projects in the Eastern Cape, Transkei and Ciskei, they employ up to 60 local labourers to assist with these projects as part of their participation in the Public Works Programme, generating employment for local labour.

How QuickBooks Helped Suzanne

Advanced Irrigation & Earthmoving started using QuickBooks in 2004, just after starting their business.  Suzanne was in charge of the bookkeeping and administration side of the business and was introduced to QuickBooks Pro by a friend.  With no accounting background, Suzanne was daunted by the prospect of this job, but she found that using QuickBooks was so easy to understand, she soon became a pro herself.  Said Suzanne, “QuickBooks is so easy to understand.  From invoicing to creating statements, it was all so manageable with QuickBooks.  The reporting that QuickBooks offers is wonderful – being the owner of a business, you need to know at a glance where you are at – if you are profitable and if not, why?  I find that QuickBooks offers me that peace of mind, to be able to see where the business is at all times’.

For more information on Advanced Irrigation & Earthmoving, contact Suzanne Horne on

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