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This month’s QuickBooks Business Champion is ID-Tech, a young, energetic company with international representation that is owned and managed by Tony and Cheryl Howell. It develops innovative technical solutions specific to client needs. With a cutting-edge software and hardware development team, they have developed ID-Asset Track, a web-based solution that integrates the latest RFID technologies with access control, CCTV and asset registry systems to solve the problem of secure asset management in real time. While the ID-Asset Track solution may be tailored to meet specific business needs, it is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing platforms. A rather unique service offering in their industry.

Cheryl Howell heads up Business Development for ID-Tech and was first exposed to QuickBooks while working in the US. Cheryl introduced ID-Tech to QuickBooks in 2010 and they have been using QuickBooks Software ever since. Cheryl had this to say about QuickBooks, “QuickBooks provides integrated tools and functionality that support core business activities and management reporting requirements in real time, while the accounting happens in the background. The Premier system, affordable to any size of business, offers a full range functionality including: customer, sales force, item, project, inventory, fixed asset, time and expense, supplier, bank and multi-currency management. The QuickBooks Premier standard reporting capabilities far exceed those of any similar sized system”.

She concluded by stating, “QuickBooks has proven to be an invaluable asset to our business!”.

Contact Cheryl Howell of ID-Tech on or visit their website for more details:

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