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Module 1: Payroll Legislation Training

  • Everything you need to know about effectively running a compliant payroll office!
  • The A to Z on effectively running the payroll office
  • All you need to know about the acts that govern payroll
  • Company policy and the responsibility of the payroll administrator
  • Termination procedures
  • Reconciling tax and performing your own payroll audit
  • NB: This module encompasses only the theory (legislation) and not the practical system application

Module 2: Basic Software Training

  • How to create your payroll company and ensuring that it is set up correctly the first time round
  • How to create and link cost centres, pay points, job codes and occupations
  • How to create employees and maintaining employee data
  • Setting up, adjusting and processing of leave and leave taken
  • How to set up a payslip for an employee and ensuring that all the statutory transactions are entered
  • Capturing overtime and other additional payment information
  • Understanding and changing transactions to suit specific processing requirements
  • Setting up and processing electronic bank transfers (EFT’s)
  • How to print the payslips
  • Which reports to print at month end
  • How to amend a payslip in the event that a mistake was made
  • Making backups of your payroll information
  • Updating into a new pay period and closing off a month successfully

Module 3: Advanced Software (Level2) Training

Ensure that you utilise Quick Payroll to its full potential

  • Easily import and export information
  • Protect your payroll information by setting up user access rights and passwords
  • Create new transaction templates and formulae for powerful and complex incentive or allowance calculations
  • How to set up new rates for specialised shift allowances and specific overtime requirements
  • Utilising the Batch Transactions facility for multiple transaction input on a single screen i.e. commissions and overtime
  • Printing reports for previous periods
  • Learn how to use the powerful Multiple Transaction Manager to affect global transaction changes over multiple selections of employees

Module 4: Payroll Tax Training

Are you taxing your employees correctly?

  • Legislative requirements made simple and explained in detail
  • Fringe benefits and tax calculations made simple
  • Understand the factors that influence the tax calculation
  • Correctly applying directives
  • How to tax temporary or part-time employees
  • Calculating tax correctly, the simple way!
  • Correctly calculating tax on an annual bonus or irregular payments
  • How to accommodate and calculate travel allowances

Module 5: Problem Solving Training

Simple steps on how to become a payroll “do-it-yourself” expert. This comprehensive and practical workshop will provide you with extensive problem solving techniques in respect of:

Payroll Tax:

  • Identifying tax discrepancies
  • Evaluating payroll tax parameters
  • Payroll tax tips for “do-it-yourself” expert


  • How to make leave adjustments
  • Loading year-to-date leave information

Payroll Reporting:

  • How to utilise payroll reports for problem solving purposes
  • Using the monthly analysis report for payroll auditing purposes


  • Common mistakes while making back-ups
  • How to successfully restore a back-up
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