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Cloud for mailshotTechnology is the most amazing thing, how did we possibly live our lives without it? Almost everything we do these days includes some form of technology: all communication, whether it be a telephone call, a message or software packages which help us with our accounts, payroll and other day to day functions. Technology is everywhere and we have become totally dependent on it. The problem arises when technology doesn’t work, or even worse, when your system crashes and all that hugely important and confidential data is lost!

We are all vulnerable, no matter the size of our business. Unfortunately, because of the laws of scale, the harsh reality of data theft is that 65% of the victims are small to medium businesses. A couple of quick facts will reveal just how devastating data loss can be to a SME:

  • The cost of recovering from a data breach can amount to half a million Rand:
  • Worldwide over R42 Trillion is the amount that companies lose from data breaches annually:
  • A staggering 72% of businesses that suffer a data breach will close down within 24 months:

This is why Data security is one of the fundamentals that any SME should invest in. Often, for small businesses, the last thing that they think of is that their data could be at risk.  After all, it’s automatically saved on the server. The problem with this scenario is that you’ll only recognise the problem when the unthinkable happens. At worst your office building burns down and your server is destroyed, your offices are burgled or your system hacked. None of these scenarios fall under the heading “It won’t happen to me or my business”, the reality is that it can happen to you…       The beauty of cloud-based data protection is that your business’ data is safe and can be accessed from anywhere, even via your smart phone. (there is an App for that).

To safeguard your precious data, QuickBooks offers CloudProtect, which as the name suggests, offers full protection. It allows you to control your data remotely; track your device using geo-locate, even allowing you to wipe all the data off a stolen computer with your smart phone while keeping the data safely stored in the Cloud.

Here are just some of the QuickBooks CloudProtect features:

  • It’s reliable:
  • You can connect from anywhere in the world:
  • It’s secure
  • It’s scalable as well as flexible in terms of its scalable infrastructure:
  • Simplified Administration – One robust solution for desktop, laptop and server data:
  • Data Loss Prevention – Content on a lost or stolen laptop/Desktop can be remotely wiped
  • Privacy of Data – Your data can only be accessed by you:

Cloud services aren’t a new emerging trend. Rather, they’re already here and you are missing out on some spectacular benefits if you aren’t already taking advantage of these services. Don’t have your head in the clouds, instead put your Data into the cloud – Put faith into the ether, you may well find it’s one of the best decisions you ever made.

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