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Every year QuickBooks update their desktop accounting software for one important reason. Throughout the year, the developers sit in focus groups comprising of QuickBooks users from a diversity of businesses and size. They listen to the to what these users like about the current version and what the dislike and how they believe it can be improved upon.

Taking the users input into account they go about making the users feedback a reality. This is why 63 million users worldwide love using QuickBooks Accounting Software. The easy to use software, just seems to get easier to use.

This year we have made getting around QuickBooks faster, without compromising the feature that you love using.

Here are some of the new features:

  • You can now automate sending reports via email at scheduled times
  • We have added search improvements to allow you to locate information quickly and efficiently. These include search as you type
  • Easy amount search. Just type in a range of numbers you are looking for and QuickBooks will identify range of the number you are looking for and bring up matching transactions
  • We have made it easier for you the view and print information about what filters have been included in a report, as well as making multiple-record filters more easily
  • By just clicking the ‘show’ button, you can quickly view all the applied filters in the report as well as multi-filter selections
  • Now you can see all the deleted users on reports by username, without worrying whom that unknown user was
  • As security is always one of our priorities we have made your QuickBooks 2017, more secure

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Just keep up the good service by ensuring the continued great quality of your employees.

Julia Psybergate

I am thoroughly satisfied with QuickBooks. I have already recommended it to two clients who are now using QuickBooks.

Mr Rampersad Accounting Services

Most of the people I know who use accounting packages are using QuickBooks.


I have recommended many of my colleagues, patients and friends to purchase QuickBooks.  I used to use Medimass and changed to QuickBooks.  I have found it easier to use and suits my practice.  

Dr Yvonne

Your staff is professional and knowledgeable about the service they provide.

Belinda Shoop Sharp

I am super impressed with the service I and my associates have received. We are always very satisfied with the assistance, punctuality and professionalism with regards to ordering, training. Thank you!!


I think you are brilliant.  I am an accountant, doing books for small business and NGO sector.  The package is extremely excellent especially for NGO’s.

Lucy Mmasana Accounts

I thank my friend for the advice to buy QuickBooks 2014. What a wonderful accounting experience.

Elsie SOSA Accounting

You were given the maximum score as we are VERY happy with your product and service.

Pieter Voslookonsult

Keep on keeping it great.

Jermaine Aim Security

Thank you for excellent service during 2014. Your staff are the best and hope to enjoy your kindness in this new year!!!!

Carine Knouwds Electron Diagnostics & Systems CC

So far so good, QuickBooks is the best.

Thulani Electrical Equipment Company (Pty) Ltd

Good service, fast response – keep up the good work!

Genevieve AMD Engineering

I always receive exceptional service from the support department and sales department when I call.

Margaret MI Thomson

We take our customer service seriously.