I run on QUICK PAYROLL. It’s the only way to MANAGE IT.
(And keep the staff happy)


Whether you run a one-person business or a 2000 person one, the one piece of financial software you’ll find essential (next to your accounting software) is payroll software. There is a reason why it is essential. Without fail, governments will update their statutory demands on both businesses and their staff.

Quick Payroll is continually updated to meet statutory demands to make sure your payroll is always accurate. Take the stress out of running your business by having the correct financial tools at your disposal, all the time.

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Why Quick Payroll is right for your business

  • Like QuickBooks Accounting Software, it is easy to use.
  • You will always be updated with the latest software and legislative version.
  • Easily store and access comprehensive, statutory employee details.
  • Keep payroll data safe and secure with tight security control through password protection and user-set access levels.
  • It has the ability to set your own company payroll parameters such as fringe benefits and company contribution definitions.
  • Quick Payroll is SARS compliant.
  • EMP201/EMP501 tax submission returns are made quickly and simply.
  • Accurate PAYE, UIF, SDL and WCA calculations.
  • Generate annual, electronic IRP5’s and IT3A’s.
  • Manage employee loans on a monthly basis as accumulative balances are displayed in an easy to understand format.
  • Manage all monthly or annual electronic submissions.
  • Payroll solutions that are automated protect your cash flow and bank balance.
  • Perform electronic fund transfers with the major banks in South Africa.
  • If you need support, simply call 0861 726 657 or email us on support@quickbooks.co.za
Quick Payroll Key Player
Number of companies Unlimited
Number of users Up to 10*
Number of employees From 10 up to unlimited employees**
Support for the first year. Legislative and product updates are also included. *** Yes
Create an unlimited number of transactions for different rates of normal and overtime pay. Yes
Import or export transaction values for use in batches e.g. Excel Yes
Assistants (Wizards) in the software for easy setup and processing. Yes
EFT bank transfers to all the major banks in South Africa. Yes
Various password protection levels. Yes
Process weekly/fortnightly/monthly pay periods across single or multiple companies. Yes
Process special (additional) payroll Runs Yes
Perform ‘what if’ payslip calculations. Yes
Automatic accrual of leave days due. Yes
Automatic leave pay out calculations on termination of employees. Yes
Automatic calculation of BCEA leave rates per employee. Yes
Included: EMP501 Reconciliation report for easy tax submissions. Yes
Caters for statutory reporting requirements such as EMP201’s (UIF/SDL/PAYE) Yes
Electronic monthly UIF Submissions Yes


  • *Single user. Additional users can be purchased.
  • **As per your purchased licence. If you require more employees and companies or additional users, a fee will be applied.
  • **Subject to an annual licence fee after the completion of the first year. Quick Payroll is sold subject to an annual licence fee which cover all legislative upgrades as well as telephonic and email support. In addition, you are able to take on year-to-year totals, at any time of the year, without losing vital payroll information.