EasyBiz Business in a Bag

Everyone dreams of starting a business. However, it can be daunting and the question of ‘where do I start?’ seems to be the one that stops entrepreneurs from taking this giant leap. QuickBooks understands the fears facing the first time entrepreneur as many of the concerns that new business owners face are ones of a financial nature. One of the major concerns is that I know that I am good at my chosen profession, but I know I do not have any experience in accounting.

This is why we have created EasyBiz Business in a Bag. It is a bag full of the tools you need to start and grow a business successfully. In fact, the good advice it contains, does not come cheaper and is available to purchase as an add-on to any of our QuickBooks Accounting packages.

  • Bizshift CD – a practical guide to starting your own business that includes everything from A-Z – from compliance to management, labour to marketing and everything in between
  • An Ubuntu Business Bootcamp Voucher – Ubuntu Business Bootcamp is an action packed half day event that empowers entrepreneurs with everything that they need to start and grow their business
  • An Ubuntu Business Strategic Analysis Discount Voucher – the Ubuntu Strategic Analysis Questionnaire has been designed to give a snap-shot of your business in order to provide the best advice on how to improve your current effectiveness and profitability
  • QuickBooks Essentials Training Manual
  • 50% off training on QuickBooks to ensure the best possible start for your business (Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban)
  • The QuickBooks Entrepreneurs Guide Book containing pertinent information for every new business owner

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