Setting up a payroll system for your business

When running a business, you have certain responsibilities to your employees regarding payroll. These include paying your employees the correct salaries, paying them on time, withholding taxes and deductions and ensuring that the correct parties receive their payments.

It is important to make all calculations correctly because it’s your employees who drive your business and if they are unhappy owing to late or incorrect salary payments, they may not work as efficiently as they are able to. Furthermore, if you neglect paying the correct taxes to the government, you could find yourself facing legal trouble in the future.

Choosing a QuickBooks payroll system can help you to streamline your wage and salary payments. We offer a selection of payroll system options, including Quick Payroll and Quick Payroll Lite that are ideal for start-up businesses as well as medium to large corporations.

Setting up your payroll system is quick and easy and will improve your payroll efficiency exponentially. Contact us now to receive advice on which of our products is best for your business.

Implementing your payroll system

Once you have decided which payroll package is right for your business, implementation is easy. The first step is to install the software onto your computer system. This is a straightforward process and by following the easy-to-understand instructions, you should be able to install it in a few minutes.

Once the installation process is complete, it’s time to input your employees’ details in to the system. Necessary details include your employees’ names, tax numbers and salary amounts. This information needs to be entered once and only needs to be re-entered when employees’ details change.

Your QuickBooks payroll software allows for quick and easy salary payment every month and takes the burden out of performing tax calculations.

Added benefits of QuickBooks payroll software

Over and above ensuring that your employees receive the correct salary amounts, QuickBooks payroll solutions offer a number of additional benefits:

  • Automatic journal integration – In order to provide a holistic approach to small business finance, QuickBooks payroll products integrate seamlessly with our other accounting software products such as QuickBooks Pro and Premier.
  • Upgrade to include new tax legislation – From time to time the government changes tax law and businesses have to comply with all new legal requirements. QuickBooks offers free updates to our payroll products that bring them in line with new tax requirements as they arise. These updates can be conveniently downloaded.
  • Flexible – QuickBooks payroll products are effective for businesses in any industry and for companies that employ up to 120 staff members. (Quick Payroll Lite is suitable for start-up businesses with up to 20 employees, while the Quick Payroll package is ideal for companies with up to 120 employees).

Streamline your payroll system with QuickBooks payroll software

QuickBooks provides a variety of accounting products for small, medium and large businesses. When combined, these products offer a well-rounded accounting solution that can help business owners to run their companies efficiently.

Take a look at our payroll software products and purchase the solution that can help you to pay your employees efficiently.