Simple accounting software for start-up businesses

Many start-up companies are hesitant to implement accounting software because they worry that it’s too difficult to manage. Fortunately, accounting software from QuickBooks is simple to use and easy to learn. Business owners can enjoy the benefits of accounting software when managing their company’s financial information.

Accounting is a necessity in every company’s business structure and many business owners unfortunately don’t have the time to manage their company’s accounts manually. With simple accounting software, you can perform efficient accounting processes without spending long hours on your business accounts. Shortening your bookkeeping time can increase your time to spend on other significant business factors such as marketing and sales.

It’s helpful to have a general understanding of accounting, but at the same time, accounting software from QuickBooks is designed to assist non-accountants in both handling accounts and recording data. Simple accounting software doesn’t require business owners to have special training, experience or qualifications from recognised colleges or universities. QuickBooks’ accounting software includes easy-to-follow tutorials so anyone can learn bookkeeping skills. Continue reading to find out more about our accounting software packages.

QuickBooks simple accounting software packages

Our three main simple accounting software packages comprise:

  1. QuickBooks SimpleStart
    • invoice and quote generation using recorded information
    • sending out invoices, reminders and quotes to your company’s client database via email
    • generation of cash flow reports such as sales tracking, expenses and profit
    • printing of statements and reports
  2. QuickBooks ProThis package allows you access to all the features of QuickBooks SimpleStart, including:
    • providing a snapshot of company finances
    • tracking stock
    • setting re-order points
    • creating purchase orders
    • perform efficient project management and track progress of invoicing
    • import and export information between Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook
    • allows simultaneous usage of up to five users
  3. QuickBooks PremierIncluding the features of QuickBooks Pro, this package also offers:building of forecasts
    • creation of budgets
    • performance monitoring
    • versatility with regards to manufacturing, building assemblies and units of measure, allowing you to buy and sell stock in various units
    • setting of prices and discounts according to customer, job, item or currency
    • allows remote access
    • like QuickBooks Pro, this package allows usage of simultaneous users, but up to 30 user rather than five

Choose QuickBooks simple accounting software for your business

Accountancy is use to classify and summarise your company’s income and expenses. Using QuickBooks simple accounting software to manage your company’s accounts and financial information is easy. We provide a wide range of software packages to suit almost any type of business. With minimal effort required, you can easily learn to become your company’s personal accountant, without going attending expensive training courses.

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