Get the right accounting software to take your business to the next level

Keeping a small, medium or growing business afloat in a turbulent economy can be a tough job for any owner. There are many steps that you can take in order to distinguish yourself from the rest of your market. These include offering special prices, branching out into new services and pushing your marketing to the next level.

All of these steps require you to be in complete control of your company’s finances or you risk over-extending yourself. This is why, at QuickBooks, we recommend that you get accounting software that will allow you to see exactly where you stand at all times. Our three packages provide a high degree of flexibility for a range of industries and do all of the necessary calculations for you.

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What to consider when looking at accounting systems

If you haven’t yet found your company a software solution that puts you in control of your finances, it’s time to pick one. When choosing between available options, ask yourself these questions:

  • Can I get an in-depth look at my finances? In tough economic times, it’s important to know at any given moment how your income compares to your expenses, as well as what assets you currently hold. If you choose a package that only allows you to pull basic monthly and annual financial statements, this may not be enough to keep you in control.
  • Will I be able to stay up to date on tax law and other financial factors? When choosing between the various options, it’s important to know how often the software is upgraded and if this will cost you extra overtime. Make sure you ask how the software remains current with any changes to South African tax laws. The QuickBooks packages automatically get regular downloads to keep you up to date with these regulations.
  • Does the programme make my life easier? Convenience is key when running your own business. With software that is easy to understand, and that does most of the work for you, your time will be freed up to focus on growing your company.
  • What kind of after-sales assistance do you get? Just because you’re a business owner, doesn’t mean you know how to manage your accounts to the best effect. It’s important to check whether or not the supplier you choose provides you with enough support. Enquire about the help you will receive to get you started and whether there is a platform in place to answer questions as you learn more about using your software.

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