A guide to business finance software for small to medium sized enterprises

Business finance is a necessary component of starting or running a business. Whether your business sells products or offers services, it will require funding in order to run successfully. In fact, small to medium sized enterprise (SME) funding is such an important issue in the world of accounting that it was discussed at the official World Accountancy Week conference in 2009.

Business finance software is a useful tool in acquiring funding for your SME. QuickBooks offers a selection of effective business finance software that can make obtaining SME finance easy. Continue reading to learn more about the needs of SMEs and the different types of business finance that are available.

Why use business finance software to acquire funding?

There are numerous benefits to using business finance software in the daily running of your business. However, one of the most important uses of finance software is when sourcing and applying for funding. There are several different types of funding available to SME owners, but it is important to acquire the best type of funding for your business.

The first step in finding suitable funding is to draw up a business plan. Business finance software is integral to this process as it can help you to draw up accurate financial forecasts, which will in turn help you to know how much funding you would need for your business, what precisely the funding will be used for and when the money is required.

Business owners with little accounting experience may find the task of drawing up a business plan with a financial forecast to be daunting. However, business finance software from QuickBooks is easy to learn and can be used to draw up financial forecasts in a format that is accepted by banks and other lending institutions.

What types of business finance are available to SME owners?

While finance software can provide you with the necessary data to make an informed decision as to which type of business funding is best for you, one of the most cost-effective business finance solutions is borrowing from friends and family. Often, preferable loan terms, including low or no interest and delayed repayment, can be negotiated. However, when borrowing money from friends or family, it is important to realise that borrowing money from relatives and friends can strain your relationship with them.

Another way of obtaining business finance is to approach banks and lending institutions for a loan. Business loans are ideal for long-term purchases such as equipment or vehicles. One of the primary benefits of taking out a bank loan is that, as the owner of your SME, you will not have to relinquish any control. Banks can be very strict regarding to whom they give loans and how much money they are willing to offer. It is therefore imperative that SME owners use business financial software to create a thorough business plan that will instil a sense of confidence in your business.

Business finance software from QuickBooks

Before approaching lenders, plan out the direction you want your business to take and what equipment you will need in order for it to be successful. Remember to set realistic goals. Business finance software can help you to plan every step thoroughly and help your business to succeed.

Peruse our business finance software solutions now and choose the one that will best help you to obtain adequate funding.