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Melishia Pillay started her business Kailash Kreations to spend more time with her kids as well as to continue to contribute to household finances. Work experience and helping her Mom to run her shop taught Melishia the basics of business operation and this has stood her in good stead to launch her own fashion line.

Said Melishia of the journey, “Running my own business has not been easy or problem free, especially without qualifications, but it has been fruitful. Now all I need to do is study the fundamentals of business and I’m sure that my small business will reach new horizons. Progress wise, I definitely do turn a profit, but it all depends on how much time I invest in the day towards work – to do marketing, advertising and sales pitching. I must say that it is no easy feat juggling work, a newborn and 18 month old. None the less, the money I do make makes a definite impact on household finances and for this I am grateful and will persevere till my small business becomes a household name, where everyone would know about us and support us”.

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