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At QuickBooks, we’re dedicated to helping you work smarter, not harder. That’s why we’ve always designed our products to improve efficiency and organisation in your office.

In 2015, however, we want to help you achieve even more through our new accounting software. Our latest programmes aim to improve the performance and quality of our products, enabling you to impress your clients and colleagues with stellar bookkeeping skills.

The Quickest QuickBooks Yet

Improved programme speed is only one new feature of the 2015 packages. We’ve also found ways to make our software simpler to use, and your outputs easier to understand. For instance, you can now:

• Add an executive summary to your reports
• Attach a default note to your customers’ information.
• View all your reminders in one convenient window
• Quickly troubleshoot problems using our self-help features

We’ve even bettered a few favourites, including the Income Tracker, Alerts Menu and the number of customisable reports available in each software package.

Other Software Additions

Along with the QuickBooks accounting software features you already know and love, our 2015 offerings bring you a number of additional updates. These are exclusively available to owners of our Pro, Premier and Accountant packages, providing you with more efficient ways of tackling your daily bookkeeping tasks.

For your convenience, our new accounting software now gives you:

• Homepage Insights – Use this data to monitor the financial health of your business
• A Favourites Menu – Customise your desktop for easy access to features you use the most
• File Transfer Capabilities – Easily send company files to your accountant
• Email Groups – Send messages easily to memorised batches of email addresses
• Report Comments – Add personal insights to group reports using the new comment feature

What’s more, owners of the Accountant package can also create new company files quicker, by simply copying the preferences and lists of others.

Regardless of the QuickBooks package you select, our wide range of accounting software features is sure to cater to the unique work needs of your staff. There’s nothing to lose, except the frustration of ineffectual bookkeeping programmes.

Get your new accounting software today!

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