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QuickBooks for Small to Medium Sized and Growing Businesses

The easiest way to run your business accurately and effectively

The world's #1

accounting solution

4.3 million customers

globally choose QuickBooks

8 out of 10 customers agree

that QuickBooks gives them piece of mind that their books are accurate

Due to lack of sufficient reporting and tracking of transactions, many small and medium sized business owners are not able to fully grasp the financial fundamentals of their organisations. Knowing where your business is heading is vital in creating a successful venture. You might be brilliant at marketing and selling your product or services, however, if you are serious about your company’s success you will need a cost effective, easy to understand and easy to use accounting software.

QuickBooks is recognised worldwide as that easy to learn and easy to use accounting software. After all, 42 millions users worldwide cannot be wrong.

Here’s why:

  • Even if you know nothing about accounting you can get up and running in minutes
  • QuickBooks automates painful accounting tasks so you can spend less time on mundane tasks like invoicing, reconciling payments and creating VAT returns
  • Forget about month-end and be up to date with your company’s finances every minute of every day
  • No maths or spreadsheet skills are required – QuickBooks automatically does all the sums for you
  • You can easily generate the reports with the information you need, so you always know where your business stands

QuickBooks Online vs. Desktop:

How do you decide?

QuickBooks Desktop has been helping businesses grow since the early 1990’s. As it has been around longer than QuickBooks Online, it has more features and is a more powerful accounting tool, particularly when managing large amounts of inventory and job costing.

There are many gaps in the features of QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. The best way to find out what is the right version for your business is to look at the features that QuickBooks Desktop has and what QuickBooks Online does not. Then ask youself “Is there anything there that I can’t live without?”

If you can, QuickBooks Online is for you. However, if there is something in QuickBooks Desktop that you need, see if there is an Online app available. If there is, ask yourself these two questions: will it work in this country and what is the cost? If there is a negative on either of these points, use the desktop version.

If you still can’t find the right answer, consult with either your accountant or bookkeeper.

Choose your preferred solution

QuickBooks Desktop

Packages & Pricing

QuickBooks Desktop comes in 3 different packages: Pro, Premier and Accountant. Not only do you get an advanced version of QuickBooks when choosing QuickBooks Desktop, your purchase includes a 1 year QuickPerks subscription which gives you free upgrades to the latest version of QuickBooks available when you renew your subscription going forward and free email and telephone support.

QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro allows you to manage your business accounts simply and easily.

QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Premier is a fast and complete finance solution.

QuickBooks Accountant

Need all of QuickBooks? Then QuickBooks Accountant is for you. It boasts with all the features of Premier and more.




Take a look at the QuickPerks product suites and find out which suite suits your business.

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QuickBooks Online

Packages & Pricing

Welcome to the future of accounting. In this fast moving world, mobility has become the cornerstone of any business. Sales of QuickBooks Online are proving that it is the leading online accounting software in the world. In the last year its sales have increased 57%. There are many reasons for this. QuickBooks Online, like desktop, is quick to learn and quick to use. Your updates and backups are automatic. Like desktop, it is designed for small, medium, and growing businesses. However, its biggest advantage is that you can access and work on your company’s financial information, anywhere and at anytime. Now, that’s something to celebrate.

30% off

For you basic accounting and book keeping needs

30% Off

For more than one user, needing to track expenses with multiple currencies.

30% Off

For the advanced user that needs to track multiple currencies, track inventories & integrate with the banks

R199.00 R139.30

a month for the first 6 months

R305.00 R213.50

a month for the first 6 months

R411 R287.70

a month for the first 6 months

Take a look at QuickBooks Online and make sure it is the right package for you.

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QuickBooks Cloud

Get all the benefits of QuickBooks and
QuickPerks remotely in the cloud

Some businesses will always need the full accounting functionality of QuickBooks Desktop alongside the ability to access the information in either Honolulu or Amsterdam. This is why we created our QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Service. Get all the benefits of QuickBooks Desktop remotely by giving your company the ability to use all the functionality of QuickBooksDesktop in a safe and secure mobile Cloud environment. Yet another example of QuickBooks making life easier for its users.

Why use cloud server hosting?

The benefits of switching to QuickBooks Cloud hosting are simple:

It’s Reliable

You can connect anywhere

It’s Secure

It’s scalable as well as flexible in terms of scalable infrastructure

Purchase your new copy of
QuickBooks Desktop or Online TODAY!

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