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EasyBiz QuickBooks, the World’s Number One Accounting Package has officially launched QuickPerks, their revolutionized annual subscription service. In keeping with it’s quick to learn, quick to use philosophy, QuickPerks will make life easier for QuickBooks users and bring new benefits and an enhanced offering. As part of the launch phase of QuickPerks, QuickBooks are offering the following:

  • QuickBooks Pro Annual Subscription to new users including EasyBIZCONNECT
  • QuickBooks Premier Annual Subscription to new users including EasyBIZCONNECT
  • QuickBooks Accountant Annual Subscription to new users including EasyBIZCONNECT

EasyBIZCONNECT is a mobile or desktop application that will provide you, your staff, your customers and your business with the information that you need, when you need it through an Open Database Connection (ODBC).   Accessible through the Cloud, this information is available 24/7 and is protected by cloud back up. EasyBizCONNECT allows a business owner to get an instant picture of the company’s finances, view the top 10 invoices of the day, track orders, stock levels and confirm when clients can expect delivery.   Through the EasyBizCONNECT portal, there is an Employee Access login that allows sales reps on the road to ascertain how much stock exists in the warehouse and give the customer an idea of when the stock will be delivered. The same portal offers Customer Access, giving the client the option to download the application to track when and how stock will be delivered and check their statement online. The best part is that EasyBIZCONNECT is totally customisable – ensuring that no matter what industry structure your business falls into, the mobile applications will provide you and your business with great insights into the workings of your company from wherever you are. This certainly is a QuickPerk.

The QuickPerks annual subscription service also offers added peace of mind as support is included. Any issues can be resolved using both e-mail and telephonic software support offered by the QuickBooks support technical team. Updates are seamless and ongoing and the subscription will be renewed annually on the anniversary of the original purchase, ensuring that you are licensed and supported at all times.

What are the cost implications of this to QuickBooks users? Pricing is competitive and starts from R4999 for a single user QuickBooks Pro, R6499 for a single user QuickBooks Premier package and R7499-00 for a single user QuickBooks Accountant. All of these packages now come with EasyBIZCONNECT and include the EasyBIZCONNECT ODBC connector, which normally sells on its own for R3500-00.

“QuickPerks is EasyBiz QuickBooks’ newest offering that is in line with our quick to learn, quick to use philosophy. We are constantly striving to offer our users more value and more streamlined ways of fulfilling their accounting functions. QuickPerks makes subscriptions easy and offers EasyBIZCONNECT as an added value offering that will ensure our clients are able to fulfill their needs, no matter where they are”, says Gary Epstein, MD of EasyBiz QuickBooks.

For more information on EasyPerks or EasyBiz QuickBooks and their other offerings, visit:

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