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By Justin Holmes and Tiziana Smit (QuickBooks Tech Team) 

QuickBooks News:

You may recall that we recently looked at the synergy between Microsoft Outlook and QuickBooks desktop. We noticed that the programme crashed whenever you tried to email multiple statements from QuickBooks 2015.

If you were faced with this unfortunate issue, rest assured. The wait for a solution is now over. The QuickBooks R6 update release is now available for download, enabling you to email multiple statements whenever you need.

To run the update in product, please go to Help / Update QuickBooks / Update now / Get updates.

If you receive error 15271 when trying to download the update, select the option ‘reset update’ and try again.

If the computer isn’t currently connected to the internet, you may download the update via the link below, using a computer that is connected to the web. You simply have to save the update onto a flash drive or disc once downloaded.

When you copy it to the desktop, ensure that QuickBooks is closed and double click on the update to start the updating procedure.


Quick Payroll News:

This is a friendly reminder that EMP501 submissions close at the end of May 2015. Please ensure you are on the latest update for Payroll, which is version 45.

You can download the update with the 2016 Tax tables from our website under Support / Quick Payroll Support.

Below are guidelines on how to run version 45 and the tax tables on your computer:



Double click on the update (the zipped folder on the desktop) to get a QP exe file blue icon.

Copy the QP exe file and paste it in the following location:

  • Start
  • Computer
  • C drive
  • Quick Payroll

If it asks whether you want to copy and replace the existing file, please say yes, or yes to all.


2016 Tax tables:

Download the tax tables and save them onto your desktop. From here, right click on the QP tax 2016 and copy, and then:

  • Close payroll
  • Click start (on your pc)
  • Computer
  • C drive
  • Quick Payroll
  • Right click and paste
  • Double click on the QP Tax 2016
  • Select the company for which the tables apply
  • Continue to follow prompts to save changes

If you use Avast Anti-virus or Bitdefender, you might need to create exclusions that allow the Payroll exe file to be downloaded or installed.

Below, we’ve provided you an easy guide on how to make these exclusions for Avast Anti-virus.

  1. Open Avast

Quick Payroll v1

  1. Go to settings

Quick Payroll v2

  1. Click Active Protection

Quick Payroll v3

  1. Click on the gear

Quick Payroll v4

  1. Add all the files you want to exclude

Quick Payroll v5

  1. Select ok, then ok again and close the Settings screen
  1. On the main screen of Avast, right click the Add icon. If there isn’t an Add sign, right click on any of the other icons. You want to find the virus chest option and select it.

Quick Payroll v6

Quick Payroll v7

    1. Open Virus Chest and right click on all the files you wish to restore and select the restore option.



The COID (WCA) ceiling has been increased as of the 1st of April 2015 from R 332 478 to R 355 752. To make the changes to your programme, please open Payroll and select Preferences (on the left hand side of the Payroll screen) / statutory calculations / WCA Annual Ceiling.


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