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Quick Payroll Key Player

With the launch of Quick Payroll Key Player in March we at EasyBiz would like to simplify our clients’ lives, by offering to do the Payroll conversions from the old Payroll to the new Quick Payroll Key Player.

If you would like our offices to do the conversion we require your payroll back up which has been rolled forward to the next month to the following e-mail address :

Below you will find three links:

1st Link is the full Quick Payroll Key Player

2nd Link is the latest update Quick Payroll Key Player

3rd Link is the conversion utility plus documentation


Download link for Quick Payroll Key Player (Full Download)


Download link for Quick Payroll Key Player (update)

Key Player update 2

Download link for Conversion

Key Player Conversion 2


QuickBooks News

To all our 2014 users please note that the latest update from Intuit must not be installed as there a few issues.

We will let everyone know when they can install the update

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