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Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or you’ve been running an empire for several years, there’s no denying your online accounting software and other digital aids play a vital role in running your company. However, without effective marketing, your apps, programs and other software may as well be null and void.

Digital marketing trends are constantly changing. As information becomes more accessible and in-demand, business owners are expected to stay on-top of how target markets are seeking services. The age-old tradition of marketing has moved rapidly into the digital sphere and as competitors all fight to secure their position in the market place, establishing your brand voice in a sea of others is easy, provided the right tools are being used.

Staying ahead

For business owners, it’s hard to ignore the importance of social media marketing. Just like our surrounding environment, it’s constantly changing so your strategies that were working last month are not necessarily what’s going to work this month. For instance, Google is slowly going to start implementing penalties for auto pop-up ads (hallelujah!), which means – you better eradicate these from your strategy immediately.

With the first quarter of 2017 drawing to a close, take into account your target market and see if you can incorporate these digital marketing trends into your strategy:
1. Live Video
About two years ago, video content began increasing in popularity. This has since evolved from carefully edited pieces to ‘Live Streaming’, in which you simply push a button and your feed is streamed via your platform. Brands are now giving their customers first-hand insight into what’s happening. Platforms like SnapChat are taking real-time into digital so that customers can be right there when it happens.

Although live streams are largely dependent on the kind of industry you’re in, one thing you can take away from this is that visual content is key to a wider reach. Edited videos and gifs are still on the rise, so think of interesting ways to showcase your product and then simply hit ‘share’.

2. Utilise Influencers
Traditional advertising is out the window. Users have had enough of fake smiles and scripted ads, so it’s time to utilise customers that are using your products. Word-of-mouth is still one of the most powerful tools for business owners as it’s someone’s trusted opinion which is why your online presence on forums, discussions is important.

Consider contacting bloggers with big followers to use your product, or even conduct your own video demonstrations.

3. Mobile All the Way
It’s no secret that mobile usage would feature on a digital marketing trends list. People are using their mobile devices now more than ever and although we’ve been playing catch-up in making all of our apps and sites responsive to these formats, it’s time to balance it out even further.

Many business owners will pull more focus to one over the other, but now as more individuals are becoming more mobile orientated – think phones and tablets – it’s important to ensure your marketing techniques are catering for both. As smart phones evolve at a rapid rate, so should your strategies.

4. Automation
Marketing is not always directly related to social media. Consider what tools you’re using in-house, to make your business run smoother. Just like you use online accounting software to keep your financials in check, having an effective CRM tool is just as important for sales.
Keeping up with digital trends and implementing new marketing strategies, can breathe new life into your brand presence. Coupled with QuickBooks online accounting software and CRM tools, you’re already on the mark to running a more efficient business.

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