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Christine Chidi’s business Bohale Matlale Suppliers mainly focused on party planning, even though as a typical Mompreneur, she does try to tap into other spheres when she has the opportunity – for example the supplying of goods.

Christine’s business grew out of the joy that she (and more importantly her kids) got out of her organisng her daughters birthday parties. On a limited budget, she would put together their parties and the excitement on their faces was all the reward that she needed. They loved their parties so much, that they told their Mom she should do this for a living. She credits them as the brains behind the operation! Today, Christine organizes baby showers and kids parties. She comments, “I generally love kids and seeing their happy little faces warms my heart and I get a huge sense of accomplishment when I see them running around in their themed outfits with nothing to worry about other than their own happiness”.

Christine continues, “My experience since I started the business has been great and fulfilling. Yes, there is a lot of pressure and things don’t always go as planned, but it’s the end result that makes it all worthwhile. I am proud of the fact that I can be a part of a special moment as well as helping parents make it one of the best days in their children’s lives”.

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