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Yes, QuickBooks can be installed and registered on a genuine Microsoft Server and accessed by means of microsoft terminal server connection. It’s important to note that all your QuickBooks licenses must first be bridged when you register QuickBooks on server.

What is bridging of licenses?

Combining multiple QuickBooks license numbers into a single license number with the view to register Qbooks on a MS Server 2003/ 2008/ 2011/ 2012. MS Server- Standard edition only comes with 2 terminal server licenses but additional licenses can be purchased through Pinnacle Africa. Ideally you would like to settle for MS Server- foundation or essentials.


Aim of bridging licenses?

Allow multiple users to access QuickBooks company file on Server through remote desktop connection.


Who can bridge licenses?

This is a service the EasyBiz registrations dept can perform for clients since 1st March’13.

In the past clients had to phone Intuit Uk directly but fortunately this is not necessary anymore.

Simply email or speak to a registrations consultant 0861 726657- option 2.


How will clients bridge their licenses?

1. Clients will email all their QuickBooks licenses to registrations dept and request to bridge them to an assigned primary license.

2. Once they’ve received confirmation that licenses have been successfully bridged they will register QuickBooks on the Server with the primary license followed by synching license data online. (Help> Manage my license> Synch license data online).


What QuickBooks versions can be bridged?

QuickBooks* 2008/ 2010/ 2012/ 2013 (Not SimpleStart because it cannot be switched to multi user mode).

* QuickBooks= Pro, Premier, Accountant & Enterprise Solutions.


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