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Amatola Quarries

A 35 year old family-owned business, based in the Eastern Cape, run by the father and sons team of Ken, Roy and Derick Hagemann. Its current offices are found in Komga, 70kms outside of the coastal town of East London, and Grahamstown. The former location host both stone and sand quarries, while the second is where they blast for stone. These are then crushed and broken down to become building materials and sub-bases used in roadworks.


Relationship with QuickBooks

In 2006, the company ran their systems on an older version of our QuickBooks Accounting Software. Four years later, the company financial manager, Caryn Els, upgraded them to the newer and faster QuickBooks products. The move resulted in massive increases in efficiency from both an accounting and payroll perspective.

“With the growth of the business came changes. And in 2012, we challenged QuickBooks with our new requirements,” Caryn explained. “We needed the two different branches in different locations, which were run through one main server, to have systems that could talk to each other using remote access.”

“QuickBooks made this possible and running the accounts of the two branches is now a seamless process.  What I love about QuickBooks is that you can export reports straight off the system and can also convert to excel, making end of year audits a lot more manageable”.

She continued by saying, “Being able to e-mail statements and invoices was a huge benefit and saved time, printing and postage costs. Quick Payroll is also used in our Grahamstown branch; and now, a job that used to take half a day takes only half an hour”.

Caryn is such a fan of our softer that she has even trained others in the area on the program. In her view, “if you have computer knowledge and a basic understanding of accounting systems, all you need is some time with someone who knows the system and you can be up and running within a day.”

For more information on Amatola Quarries, contact Caryn Els on or simply call 046 637 9911.

Amatola Quarries

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