An easy to use self service application for Business Owners, Customers & Employees


EasyBIZCONNECT for QuickBooks

With our Windows Desktop software, QuickBooks users can now access data using third-party applications, such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and Sql Server – as well as the connectors built-in web and remoting services.

EasyBIZCONNECT allows business owners to take charge through several self-service capabilities, such as:

  • Accessing your backend financial data
  • Creating powerful pivot tables and reporting using Microsoft Excel and other similar applications
  • Interacting with your data using third party applications
  • Easily sharing information with your accountants
  • Perusing multiple company databases at once, using the technical portal
  • Interacting with your data using industry formats like XML, JSON
  • Building customised business intelligent process models, around your company files
  • Integrating your data with CRM, web and other related systems
  • Designing in-house apps to work simultaneously with QuickBooks as we provide sample developer applications and technical documentation for programmers
Download the EasyBizConnect Installer for Desktop

EasyBIZCONNECT comes with Mobile Apps

In addition to the Windows desktop software, business owners can now access data from the QuickBooks mobile app. We provide three mobile applications that augment the desktop software.

  • The mobile applications provide you with detailed insights into the workings of your company from wherever you are.
  • As a business owner, you can get an overview of several aspects of your company instant picture of the company’s finances, income, expenses, and stock levels with smooth charts and reports.
  • A sales representative on the road can easily view warehouse stock levels or access customer and supplier information without calling in.
  • Your customers can also download the mobile app and view account information, stock levels, order items, invoicing, payments and statements.

Best of all, EasyBIZCONNECT enables seamless download, installation and configuration and is a fundamental and comprehensive solution to your trusted QuickBooks accounting software.

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