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CloudProtect data protection.

Because one day you will need it.

As a business, the last thing that we think of is that our data could be at risk.  After all, it’s automatically saved on the server which is locked away in a safe small room.  The problem with this scenario is that you’ll only recognize the problem when the unthinkable happens. At worst your office building burns down and your server is destroyed, or your offices are burgled and the thieves walk away with all the company’s computers and, potentially, your server. You could also take your laptop home with you and be a victim of a hijacking or remote jamming.

None of these scenarios come under the heading “It won’t happen to me or my business”, the reality is that it can happen to you and the beauty of cloud-based data protection is that your business’ data is safe and can be accessed from anywhere, even on your smart phone (there is an app for that).

CloudProtect allows you to control your data remotely; you can track your device using geolocate as well as wipe all the data off a stolen computer with your smart phone.  The data is still in the Cloud, however, for a thief wanting to access your business’ confidential information it has just become history.

Remember, it’s always better to keep all your business data safe than be sorry.

CloudProtect Key features:

  • Simplified Administration – One robust solution for desktop, laptop and server data.
  • Secure Access – Anytime, anywhere access to protected data.
  • System Support – We support all major Operating Systems (Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX), Virtualisation Platforms (VMWare, Hyper-V and XEN) and Database Applications (SQL, Exchange, MySQL, Oracle and many more).
  • Automated Alerts – You have the option to receive e-mail alerts regarding your backups. These range from backup completion notifications to drastic increase in backup size. We will also notify you if your data has been recovered.
  • Data Loss Prevention – Content on a lost or stolen laptop can be remotely wiped from your Web Console.
  • Secure File Sharing – Share files securely with other CloudProtect consumers.
  • Privacy of Data – Your data can only be accessed by yourself; system administrators have no access to your personal data
  • Source-Side deduplication – Only unique and modified data is backed up and as a result, Internet bandwidth requirements are minimized.
  • Mobile Apps – Download the relevant CloudProtect app from your app store for Apple, Android and Windows. Securely access your data from these devices and also upload your data from your handheld devices to our secure cloud.

Additional Services:

  • Extended Data Retention – By default, all your data is stored for 30 days. We can cater to keep data longer for customer. This will incur an additional cost based on the amount of data and the period you want to keep it for.
  • Data Seeding – If the initial size of your data is too big to transfer over the Internet we can, in some instances, offer a service to seed your data into our data centre via a USB device.
  • Remote Appliances – Some organisations have the requirement to also store their backup data at the local site. The main reason for this is because the size of your data is too big to transfer over the Internet every day. We offer a service where we place a backup appliance at your local office and then only replicate a copy of your data into our data centre.


Downloading the computer and smart phone apps are free.  What you pay for is the amount of gigs that you require for your business backups:

10Gb Bundle R100 which is R10 per gb a month
20Gb Bundle R190 which is R9,50 per gb a month
30Gb Bundle R270 which is R9 per gb a month
40Gb Bundle R340 which is R8,50 per gb a month
50Gb Bundle R400 which is R8 per gb a month
100Gb Bundle R700 which is R7 per gb a month
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