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Accounting software applicationsWhile your business may seem to be going strong, your bank account could be telling a completely different story.

This is not a good sign. There is no room for surprises when it comes to running a business.

In the fast-paced world of business, it is more important than ever to have your finger on the pulse of your company’s financial health.

So, if you are spending hours at the end of the month pouring over a spreadsheet with calculator in hand trying to reconcile payments and expenditures, complete your payroll accurately or meet a tax deadline, it could be time to look into accounting software applications.

Whether yours is a sole trader, close corporation or partnership, your goal of being successful and making money must be supported by the right processes and systems, especially when it comes to accounting.

Accounting software applications, like Quickbooks, have been developed with SMEs in mind and address some of the most critical financial issues facing this sector today.

If you think accounting software applications are complicated, think again.

Most offer extensive training and tutorials and online support, ensuring any end user can easily adapt and use the system to the benefit of the business. Quickbooks, the world’s leading supplier of accounting software for SMEs, is introducing elearning soon too!

When seeking out the best accounting software for SMEs you must ensure the product is quick to learn and quick to use. Your business cannot afford, not even for a day, to operate without a proper financial support system in place because even one transaction or payment not recorded will skew the true financial picture.

What accounting software applications offer:

  1. Real-time access to financial information. You cannot make sound business judgements if you do not know where you stand financially. Decisions should be based on up to date information and a clear picture of your bottom line. Accounting software applications, like Quickbooks, provide this.
  2. When someone pays you, the system will automatically update, as it is linked to your bank account. This saves a staff member or bookkeeper having to manually trace these transactions and enter them.
  3. Multiple users can access the system and be inputting and working on it at the same time. This means you, as the business owner, can access your financials at any time, even when your team members are also using the system. Productivity is, therefore, greatly increased.
  4. Accounting software applications for SMEs offer add-on functionality for processes like HR and payroll. When choosing a system for your office, think about what functionality you need to improve the way you do business. You will be surprised what you can get out of the right accounting software.
  5. SARS compliance is not something you can ignore. Accounting software will help you ensure your tax returns are submitted on time, that you are up to date with all compliances, and much more related to tax. The one person you do not want on your debtors roll is SARS!

To find out how to manage your finances quickly and easily, contact QuickBooks today on 010 203 4300 or

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