Payroll software systems can be programmed to perform manual human resources tasks, freeing up time for you to run or grow your business. They can be used to archive your employee slips and monthly reports, giving you a concrete payment history. And as an automated program, payroll systems pay your employees on time and according to the parameters that you set, leaving little margin for human error.

QuickBooks goes that extra length to offer you payroll systems that are tailored to suit your business needs, whether you’re just starting out as a micro-enterprise or in need of some advanced, premier accounting tools. While QuickBooks’ payroll systems focus on internal processes, you gain premier insight on where to make adjustments in your budget and what informed decisions you can make going forward.

The advantages of payroll systems:

  • Payroll software takes care of employee taxes: Pay As You Earn (PAYE), Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), Skills Development Levy (SDL) and Workers Compensation Administration (WCA) are all taxes South African employers need to deduct from their employees’ salaries. Tallying these together can become a monthly chore. But with QuickBooks payroll systems, these calculations are automatic, meaning that you need not enter them manually.
  • Integrated access to your information: Many companies keep files of personal data regarding employees’ annual leave, sick leave, performance records and correspondence. Prospering companies pass this function on to a team of human resource professionals, but with payroll systems, you can record additional types of information, avoiding the need for a separated software package. Additionally, with QuickBooks Pro and Premier accounting software you get automatic journal integration, meaning you can access all of your notes and records in double-quick time.
  • Fully customised reports: You can generate reports with fringe benefits, expenses and definitions specific to your company. This includes a full history of current and past pay slips and comprehensive employee details, which can be accessed easily.
  • Secure access online: This may raise flags on the subject of security and confidentiality, which is why QuickBooks has partnered with WebEx, who are an expert company in Internet security. WebEx maintains the strictest encryption safeguards to support your sensitive data. Do you find yourself travelling often, attending to your company’s need? You can access your payroll systems from anywhere in the world via a password protected web page with user-set access levels.
  • Simplicity over all applications: You can conduct global changes to all employee data. You can perform electronic fund transfers with all major banks in South Africa at the click of a button, and manage employee loans on a monthly basis. Because all balances are displayed in a clear and easy to understand format, you can plan staff costs and budgets online, without resorting to renegade pieces of paper. Because QuickBooks is designed for business owners, you need not be Chartered Accountants in order to use it efficiently.

Benefit from QuickBooks payroll programs

Access your client or company data from a standard web browser in New York or Africa, and find that QuickBooks’ off-site payroll systems run with the same functionality and feel as the real thing. This is crucial for those businesspeople who are constantly on the move. Contact QuickBooks today or take a look at our selection of small business payroll systems.