QuickBooks and Quick Payroll Support revolutionised

Software support is something that most people hate, no doubt because the need for support always comes at the wrong time. We all know what that time is – you need to get document X to Y fast and suddenly your software decides to have one of ‘those moments’. So you’re already frustrated and what happens, you can’t get through to a support consultant!

This is why we have completely remodeled our QuickBooks Support to make it simpler and faster. This change will save you time, as well as a lot of frustration. This is what we are going to do:

  • We’re supporting all desktop versions of QuickBooks from 2005 to the current version.
  • This means that you no longer have to buy a maintenance plan or a subscription, which means that you no longer need a Support Pin.
  • However, we do charge for support – a very reasonable R100 for 30 minutes*.

If you think this is good news, here is some better news:
We have invested in software that is designed to make your support experience easier:

  • You have access to a QuickBooks Knowledge Base. This has all the documents you need to assist you in setting up and resolving errors.
  • If you cannot resolve the issue, log a ticket on the site with your contact details.
  • One of our Support Consultants will ascertain your needs and send you a quote based on how much time they require to solve your problem
  • You will receive an invoice from the Support Consultant with a PayFast link. Once Payfast registers the payment, you will immediately be contacted by the consultant.
  • If your problem needs us to work directly on your computer, one of our consultants will use TeamViewer to solve your problem.

Quick Payroll Key Player Support is covered by an Annual License Fee and Quick Payroll Knowledge Base. However, there are some technical issues that customers may require help with, which are not covered by the Annual License Fee. These will be charged for.

Welcome to the EasyBiz Support Centre that allows you to support yourself. If that route fails, we’re here to help you get the support you need.


QuickBooks Support Terms and Conditions

  • Compatibility Issues: The one law of computing is that operating computer systems change regularly. Replacing your computer or installing an update could mean that your trusty accounting software no longer does what it is meant to do. That is why we ask you to study the Knowledge Base to see if it is a software or an operating system issue. If you cannot find the answer, then request a consultation. This will be a TeamViewer consultation, which is charged at R100 for 30 minutes. If you need to upgrade and do so immediately, we will deduct the session price from the upgrade price.
  • Data Support (VAT setup, refreshing of transactions, Data Fix, Upgrades): This will be charged at R400 per hour. If we cannot fix the problem, the Support Fee will be refunded.
  • Password removal: R400
  • Walk in Clients: R400 per hour
  • Replacement disk/installation link: R250

Quick Payroll Key Player Technical Support Terms and Conditions

  • Setups:Data received from a customer to do a Setup will be charged at R100 for 30 minutes and will be a TeamViewer consultation
  • Walk in Clients: R400 per hour.
  • Customizing Payslips and Reports: R600
  • Setting up payroll on a network: R100 per 30 minutes

Payment must be received before the support session will commence