To get more out of QuickBooks and maximize your productivity, we recommend taking out a support subscription.

From time to time you may have a query and will need assistance. This is why we have created a monthly QuickBooks support subscription so that our QuickBooks Support Department will always be at your service. Included in this subscription is IronTree, which is an automatic offsite data backup solution, so that your important financial data is always kept safe and can be restored at any time.

Since there are varying requirements for support, we offer a range of options to suit your needs*. They are

  • Telephone and email assistance – just call 0861 726 657 or email
  • If you need individual attention, we offer Onsite Support. To books a consultant email us at or contact your nearest branch

* Additional charges may apply

Quick Payroll has an annual subscription. There is a very good reason for this. Without fail, governments will update their statutory demands on both businesses and their staff. Quick Payroll is continually updated to meet statutory demands to make sure your payroll is always accurate.

All our new products come standard with a free 12-month telephonic and email Support Contract, which is valid from the day of product registration. Upgrade users receive a free 30 day Support Contract. At the end of the Support Contract validity, the users can renew the contract for another year. We strongly recommend doing this as it will give you peace of mind knowing that all of your support related queries are taken care of.

Important contact information

0861 QBOOKS (0861 726 657)