At QuickBooks, we know that running a small business is not easy. We understand that time is precious, and that you would rather spend your working hours running and growing your business, than sorting out your books the old-fashioned way.

For this reason, we’ve developed effective small business payroll software. Payroll Software is specifically designed to assist small businesses with the process of calculating salaries and wages, helping to make payments on time, and also ensuring that payroll is completed within the legislative guidelines.

Save time with Small Business Payroll Software

Struggling with numbers and calculating what needs to be paid to who is a tedious job. By doing payroll the old-fashioned way, the business owner is wasting his or her time, as well as the time of any employee who has to assist with manual calculations.

Our payroll software now offers the small business a software solution that will complete calculations quickly and easily – calculations that would normally take hours to complete manually.

Payroll Software keeps you updated at all times

If you decide to give manual labour a skip and rather start using payroll software, there will be no need to worry about legislative upgrades and updates.

QuickPayroll software is designed to undertake legislative updates automatically. New tax law and statutory upgrades are automatically provided to you when you make use of payroll software.

No more errors when you use our Payroll Software

When you make use of Payroll Software, you make fewer errors due to the fact that you don’t have to enter as much data as you would normally write out by hand. No more inaccuracies that a tired mind would make.

Small Business Payroll Software that is easy to use

QuickBooks’ Small Business Payroll Software is designed to be straightforward for the user – it is so simple to use that QuickBooks believes that anyone can learn to use it!

This might just be the easiest software to use in the world.

Draw reports with the Payroll Software – whenever you need them

With the easy-to-use Payroll Software, generating reports no longer takes hours! You can manually create reports simply by making use of the standard reports available, or by using the customisable report writing tool.

Small Business Payroll Software simplifies your business – and your life

The more employees you have, the more difficult it becomes to calculate pay and deductions, and the more time-consuming it becomes to generate pay slips for each individual employee. Things can get pretty confusing and errors could end up costing a small business significantly in the long-term.

The ideal Payroll Software for your small business

QuickBooks’ Payroll Software is every business owner’s saviour. Instead of having to spend hours managing salary-related issues or hiring someone to deal with the payroll, the payroll software will help small businesses to save time and money. With QuickBooks’ payroll program you can spend more time on the business itself, and forget about worrying about your business finances.

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