Payroll software from QuickBooks can streamline your salary payments

One of the most time-consuming aspects of running a growing business is paying your employees. However, while it may take many hours every month, ensuring that your staff receive their wages or salaries correctly and on time is crucial. Not only will it help you to retain good staff members, but it’ll ensure a contented working environment all round.
QuickBooks understands the need for business owners to have a quick and easy way to pay employees accurately. This is why we offer payroll software that can be used to streamline your salary paying processes. Because managing your staff payments, salary history and taxes is a business necessity, it’s imperative to have an effective payroll system in place.
Business owners can choose from three QuickBooks payroll packages: Quick Payroll, Quick Payroll Lite and Quick Payroll Startup. Whether your business is small with only a few employees or is quickly growing, QuickBooks software can help you reduce the amount of time you spend calculating employees’ salaries, deductions and contributions.
Browse QuickBooks payroll software today to find the right package for your business.

QuickBooks payroll software lets you keep track of your salary payments

Even small businesses need to keep track of salary payments. Not only must you ensure that your employees are paid correctly, but you also need to ensure that you’re paying the government the correct tax for each staff member. Incorrect tax calculations will leave your staff disgruntled and could lead to legal issues if left unresolved.
While it may be simple to manage on your own payroll now, as your business grows it will become increasingly complex. It’s important to have software in place to stop important information going missing or being incorrectly processed.
Some benefits of using a payroll system from QuickBooks are:

  • It calculates your pay deductions – QuickBooks payroll software conveniently takes all deductions into account, including tax, medical aid, PAYE (Pay As You Earn) and any other deductions that may affect your employees. Furthermore, our programmes update automatically to include new tax legislation as it arises to ensure that your payroll is always compliant.
  • It saves you time – Business owners are seldom accountants and calculating salaries and deductions every month can take many hours for those who don’t have financial experience. QuickBooks software is easy to use, fast and flexible enough for almost any industry and any size business. This means that no matter what type of business you run, our payroll solutions can free up your time for what’s really important: making money. What’s more, our payroll solutions are fully compatible with our accounting packages, meaning that changing information on one will automatically update the other.

Manage salaries professionally with a QuickBooks payroll system

Happy employees work harder than unhappy employees. While you can’t control every aspect of their work environment, you can ensure that they are paid the right amount at the right time every month. Purchase a software package from QuickBooks to get on top of your salary payments today.