Make salary management easy, with a Quick Payroll software solution

Accurate accounting tools are an important part of any successful business. Payroll management is no exception. Having records of employee salaries, wages and deductions helps you determine your company’s income and expenditure. Moreover, a payroll system allows you to budget properly, create reports and maintain a regular pay schedule with your employees. Regular staff payments are possibly one of the most important outcomes of this kind of software.

QuickBooks’ payroll software range offers premium salary management tools for businesses of varying sizes. Whether you’re simply managing salary payments or recording staff expenses and leave time, we have a package to match your requirements. Take a look at our payroll software packages, and get high-quality salary tools to streamline your payment process.

Get comprehensive salary management with Quick Payroll software

Payroll management is important to two fields of any business:

  1. Accounting – As a business owner, you’ll rely on your accounting more often than many of your actual physical assets. It allows you to see how your money is being spent, and its financial health.With an accurate payroll history on hand, you can respond to queries quickly and reliably. Taxes filed by your company could come under audit. With extensive records, you’ll be able to verify your business financial situation quickly and easily.
  2. Business ethics – Ultimately, it’s always important to be reliable in business, especially when it comes to paying your workforce. Staff members respond to prompt payments and will react badly to receiving their salaries late. Disgruntled employees tend to underperform and, moreover, late payments give them a reason not to trust you. You need a method of staying up-to-date with salary payments. Payroll systems are just that business solution.Quick Payroll offers PAYE, UIF, SDL and WCA calculators, as well as facilities for creating IRP5s and even managing private loans within your company. You’ll have all the tools you need to automate and track your monthly salary payments, putting you squarely on top of payroll processes.

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