A reliable payroll system puts your employees first

Because of all the delicate processes and capital investments involved, starting a business is a very busy, important time. Having a reliable payroll system is crucial to keeping your employees content with their salary payments and deliveries each month.

Young businesses typically don’t keep many employees, which makes it even more crucial that their staff members are kept happy and motivated. First and foremost, this means paying them their precise salaries each month, promptly and reliably. This is where the right software becomes a huge benefit to any company employing staff members. Payroll software can be used to automate salary calculations, record each month’s pay and generate payslips.

Offering a variety of packages for use in different business environments, QuickBooks is one of South Africa’s leading financial software provider. Our payroll software solutions are designed to help small to medium businesses manage their monthly salary payments quickly and reliably.

Browse QuickBooks payroll solutions today for business software that helps you pay your employees and keep accurate records for tax references and queries.

Are you using payroll software to benefit your business yet?

Having your staff’s support is vital to any business. Employees expect prompt, reliable payslips each month. It’s this that makes your payroll system such an essential business tool.

There are various benefits to using a QuickBooks payroll software package:

  • It saves time – At QuickBooks, we know that it takes time to make your company a success. With this in mind, we’ve designed payroll systems that are easy to use and extremely efficient, saving you time. Generate automatic invoices, update your tax figures and conduct transactions quickly, then use that extra time to concentrate on your business.
  • It saves money – Small companies often don’t have the resources to bring on a professional accountant. Quick Payroll is affordable, saving money you could be using to better other aspects of your company.
  • It keeps accurate records – When managing your finances, accuracy is vital. An oversight in your records could throw your business projections off. Without the right information, it’s nearly impossible to plan for the future.

Having a precise history of your staff payments is also crucial if you ever need to reference them in a query. It’s also useful during business audits, giving you instant access to accurate and comprehensive financial information.

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