Keep your vital payroll information accurate with our tax updates

In the tradition of all QuickBooks products, Quick Payroll makes your monthly, bi-annual and annual returns a breeze. Whether you would like to manage a weekly, fortnightly or monthly pay run, create reports such as EMP201 every month, or submit your EMP501 together with IT3’s/IRP5’s every year on time, Quick Payroll will make administrating your payroll as easy as 123.

We have a close association with SAR’s, so that you stay compliant at all times. This is because we provide an annual update from SARS, which includes the correct PAYE and SITE formulations including rebates and medical aid credit settings. If there are further updates during the tax year, we will make them available to you.

Which means that, as long as you have a current Support Contract, you’ll never have to worry about being behind on important tax changes.

Keep your VAT accurate and up-to-date with QuickBooks.

From the moment you set-up your company in QuickBooks, it will start calculating your VAT.

It’s that easy.

That’s because paying the correct VAT amounts on time is critically important to your business. Whatever the size of business you’re running, the last thing you want to do is incur penalties from SAR’s, as it will always have an impact on your cash flow and as we all know, cash flow is critical to every business.

Stay ahead of the taxman with QuickBooks. Contact QuickBooks today on 0861 726 657.