Payroll software vs payroll service

Every business needs staff. Even if it’s a small start-up company, someone needs to do the work. And, of course, as your business grows, you’ll likely need to hire more employees to keep up with the workload. It’s wise to implement a payroll software system early, to ensure that as your company grows, you can handle its increasing complement of staff. This brings up the issue of whether it’s better to buy payroll software or hire a service provider.

Continue reading for a comparison of these two options.

Compare a payroll system and payroll service

  • Staffing – In both cases, one will need to employ a staff member to manage the salary payment process or facilitate it yourself. If you choose payroll software, someone in your company will have to do all of the tasks associated with paying employees. By contrast, if you choose a service provider, you’ll only have to liaise with your service provider while they do all of the actual work.
  • Cost – Of course, there are costs associated with both options. However, because outsourcing basically means you’re paying a professional to manage your salary payments, there’s typically a high monthly cost. By contrast, purchasing software like that available from QuickBooks is a once-off purchase.
  • Security – This is something to be considered in both options. With software that is maintained internally, you can ensure security by giving only certain employees login details. With a service, you have little control over who can access your information and must rely on the word of your provider that everything is secure.
  • Reporting and quick access – Because the management of payroll software is facilitated in-house, it’s fairly easy to access any information quickly. There’s also an element of versatility because you can choose what information you want to see. With outsourceing, you have to make a phone call or send an email and then wait for your provider to send what you’re looking for.

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