Business accounting software from QuickBooks: Which one is for you?

Most companies need business accounting software that is suited to them so that they can be managed successfully. It’s, therefore, important for business owners to recognise what strategies best fit their enterprises. Keeping in mind the size of the business and the market in which it operates are some of the factors that should be considered.

Furthermore, recognising how your company has been performing over the last few years can help you decide whether it’s in need of a simple system of accounting such as the SimpleStart package or a more advanced programme such as the Premier package.

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How to choose the best accounting software for you

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when buying a software programme for your small, medium or growing business.

  • What functions do you need? – Write a list of features you’d like your software to have. This will help to ensure that you don’t end up with a package that has more functions than you need or too few functions to be of any help to your business.
  • Can you upgrade as your business grows? – This is a very important question because as you business grows, your needs will change. By investing in software that’s able to adapt to these changes, you’ll save the money you would spend on purchasing a new package each time. Simply upgrade your package and add on new features that can handle the growing work load.
  • Is there industry specific software? – It would be a good idea to get a version that is appropriate for your industry as it would be easier to use. It’ll use the appropriate terminology and take certain factors such as tax regulations into consideration.
  • Is support available? – It is inevitable that business owners will have questions about their accounting software from time-to-time. QuickBooks has a support team that understands that each business is different and requires different types of assistance. Our services range from telephonic support through to on-site assistance. All you need to do is select the type of support that works best for you.

By taking the above information into consideration, you’ll have a clearer idea about which business accounting software package to get from QuickBooks.  Contact us today on 0861 726 657 for accounting made easy.