Managing your cash flow with the help of a small business accounting system

One of the biggest challenges for any new business is managing its cash flow. The business’s takings must be sufficient to pay all of its overheads and salaries – and maintain the company’s profitability at the same time.

In order to manage a company’s cash flow, business owners need to keep records of all the cash coming in and going out of the business. Without records that show exactly how, when and where money is leaving or coming into the business, it is virtually impossible to keep track of the financial status of the company.

Some businesses have individuals in the company managing their accounting system and completing all its necessary bookkeeping via the traditional ‘pen and paper’ method. Particularly in start-up and small businesses, the owners tend to do most of the bookkeeping themselves.

When keeping record of your business’s finances, it is recommended that you make use of efficient accounting software. With a good accounting system in place, you will be able to manage your cash flow, track all invoices and expenditures and, most importantly, be able to keep close tabs on your company’s financial condition.

Currently, there are many accounting software packages available to businesses, and QuickBooks offers some of the highest-quality, most reliable business accounting software on the market. Fortunately, accounting software such as ours is much more accessible than it was a few years ago, making it easier, faster and more efficient than ever for business owners to do their own bookkeeping.

Simplify bookkeeping: Purchase an accounting system for your business

QuickBooks’ accounting software helps business owners and financial managers to control and track money that is entering and leaving the company. We offer three different accounting software packages tailored to meeting your business’s accounting needs: QuickBooks SimpleStart, QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier. Each of these accounting systems offers a variety of features suited to the differing requirements of businesses.

Good cash flow management: Where to start

By making use of an accounting system in your business, you can make certain that financial data is entered into the accounting records and the necessary financial reports are produced.

By creating a cash flow projection, small business owners can manage their businesses’ cash flow with great efficiency. It is essential to develop both a short-term and a long-term cash flow projection. Your short-term cash flow projection is a weekly and monthly projection which will help you to manage daily cash movements. The long-term cash flow projection will enable you to develop a sustainable cash flow strategy for your business.

Cash flow management is all about meeting your business’s financial requirements. As a business owner, you need to understand where, how and when you will need cash – and you must plan to meet these financial requirements.

If you manage your cash flow properly, you should always have ‘cash on hand’ for any eventuality. This makes it possible to ease through challenging times in the business, as well as take advantage of lucrative opportunities when they arise.

Manage the cash flow of your small business with the help of QuickBooks’ professional accounting system software. With our accounting software, you will be able to project, monitor, and control your business’s cash flow – and ensure your company’s short and long-term financial stability.