Use QuickBooks to manage your accounts payable

With QuickBooks’ convenient-to-use accounting software, accounting is made easy. Many small to medium-sized companies simply don’t have the funding to hire a professional accountant or to outsource their finances to a specialist accounting firm. Therefore, QuickBooks accounting software is an ideal solution for business owners seeking to streamline their accounts payable processes without incurring excessive costs.

Our software gives business owners the ability to manage their own company’s books. Furthermore, we offer extensive tutorials that can help inexperienced business owners and their employees come to grips with their company’s financial records and accounting processes.

Using our accounting software is an effective way to improve your accounts payable process and ensure that it runs smoothly month after month. Accounts payable is also often referred to as “payables”. This is the money that businesses owe other companies for buying certain items on credit. This money is typically due on a predetermined date- often three or six months – and may incur interest or penalties if not paid on time. The term “accounts payable” is also used to refer to a large company’s department in the accounts sector that manages the company’s payments.

The tasks performed by this department typically:

  • authorisation of purchase orders
  • collecting receipts of credit cards
  • keeping note of and organising account withdrawals
  • keeping the general ledger updated
  • auditing expense reports
  • billing of clients for accounts receivable
  • payroll

The benefits of using QuickBooks software for your accounts payable

Accounts payable administrator is a job title that requires an employee with a serious sense of responsibility. Not paying bills according to the correct terms and conditions can harm your company’s reputation as well as incur unnecessary expenses. In order to maintain good relationships with other businesses and have excellent company credit ratings, use QuickBooks accounting software to ensure that all of your accounts are paid in good time.

Managing your company’s accounts payables with QuickBooks accounting software can help speed up your accounts payable process in the following ways:

  • by minimising errors
  • by reducing processing costs
  • by maximising payment discounts that need to be processed done earlier than others
  • by bringing late payments and late payment fines to an end
  • by meeting the terms of legislation and reporting easily
  • by reducing storing paper documentation
  • by improving relationships with clients and suppliers owing to better customer service

Choose QuickBooks accounting software for your company’s accounts payable

Running a business is a tremendous amount of work and by choosing QuickBooks accounting software, you will no longer have to spend time worrying about whether you are paying your accounts correctly and in good time. Our software can help your business grow without requiring additional costs of employing an accountant or sending employees to expensive training sessions.

Browse our website to discover which of our accounting software packages best meets the accounts payable needs of your business. Learn more about our software packages, including SimpleStart, Pro and Premier packages. Alternatively, contact us if you would like to speak to us directly about your business’s financial software requirements.