QuickBooks: easy-to-use general ledger accounting software

Having a neatly managed general ledger is the backbone of any financially sound and profitable business. As the centre of a business’s financial recordings the general ledger is used to record every transaction that occurs, typically via a two-column system representing debits (left) and credits (right). It’s this double entry (debit and credit) format that gives each general ledger account a “T” shape. All the financial activities of the company are pulled together and recorded within this nominal ledger, allowing for easy referencing, analysis and auditing.

In the past, general ledger accounting was a manual system. However, with the advancements made in technology, it’s now common business practice for the data to be stored in an electronic format. Prior to this, businesses often incurred great expense by outsourcing their accounting to professionals who charged exorbitant fees and provided minimal recording and reporting. The computerisation of the general ledger has given way to an ease of entry, reduced resource expenditure and detailed, efficient reporting.

QuickBooks offers a range of accounting and business software solutions to suit any company model; whether small, medium or large. Contact us for more information, or browse our available general ledger accounting software: QuickBooks SimpleStart, QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier.

General ledger management made easy

Over 50 000 South African’s use QuickBooks general ledger accounting software on a daily basis to manage their organisation’s or business’s finances. Furthermore, this software is considered the number one best-selling general ledger software in the world. QuickBooks offers a comprehensive solution, which also provides added value with telephone and Internet support, onsite support and installation – as well as training courses and seminars.

Below are the three main general ledger software options available through QuickBooks:

  • QuickBooks SimpleStart is the simplest way to keep up to date with your business’s finances. This package can help you to take care of the core accounting tasks. QuickBooks SimpleStart facilitates: the generation of invoices and quotes, batch delivery of invoices, quotes and reminders via email, reports tracking sales, expenses and profits – and of course printing of statements.
  • QuickBooks Pro contains all of the features of QuickBooks SimpleStart with added benefits that make it the ideal general ledger account-keeping solution for consultants, contractors and small-to-medium businesses.
  • QuickBooks Premier is the leading general ledger solution for growing enterprises. QuickBooks Premier contains all of the features of QuickBooks Pro with added features such as cash flow forecasting and remote access that makes this the most comprehensive accounting solution on the market.

QuickBooks general ledger and business software solutions

Contact us for advice on which type of general ledger accounting software best suits your business. QuickBooks SimpleStart, QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier will ensure that your finances can be recorded and examined with ease.