QuickBooks provides accounting software solutions for any size business

All businesses are different, but the one thing they have in common is finances. No matter what type of product or service your company provides, you’ll need to keep track of your income and expenses. Without a clear and accurate overview of your finances, you can’t assess where best to reinvest your money and improve your business’s bottom line. It’s important to find high-quality accounting software with a full range of controls for any business setup. The QuickBooks programme selection offers exactly that.

Peruse our range of accounting solutions to discover what so many businesses are already talking about.

QuickBooks 2012: new accounting system packages

Accounting software allows users to record and process their business’s financial transactions. This is coordinated very similarly to a hardcopy ledger, but with the added benefit of lightning-fast entry and significantly less room for human error. The QuickBooks 2012 accounting software range is the result of two years of development, sporting new features and improved usability. Still, even with its added functionality, it’s kept to its core principal – simplicity – and still caters for small, medium and growing businesses.

  • QuickBooks SimpleStart – Starting a new business is time consuming. There’s a significant amount of micromanagement that goes into organising clients, managing services and maintaining your finances. SimpleStart gives you the freedom to do your bookkeeping without an extensive background in accountancy. With this accounting solution, you can generate and send invoices, track your profits and expenses, and create professional quotes.
  • QuickBooks Pro is geared towards medium-size businesses, including contractors and consultants. Features of this package include:
    • customer snapshot – Get instant, aggregated customer information at the push of a button
    • batch invoicing – Send bills to multiple clients at once
    • webmail integration – Send invoices without needing to set up an Outlook email account
  • QuickBooks Premier – With all the functionality of the Pro package, QuickBooks Premier has added features to service the needs of larger or growing businesses. One new feature is the ability to use an instant report to track your balance sheet by class. Easy to use and time saving, it’s a professional, comprehensive business finance solution.

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