The advantages of QuickBooks Accounting Software for the construction industry

Accounting is not for everyone and the life of a contractor would be ideal if accounts could take care of themselves. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. If you are the type of construction business owner who would rather focus on doing a good job than crunching numbers, there are a number of solutions. Hiring an in-house accountant for a construction company can be costly as it’s another employee’s salary you have to pay. However, hiring an external accountant or accounting firm can add up in the long run and because they aren’t connected to your company, you might find it time consuming getting hold of important financial information.

Even though doing your own books can seem overwhelming at first, with QuickBooks you can handle your own accounts without training. Many construction companies choose to use QuickBooks software as it’s simple, fast, and affordable. This accounting software’s intention is to allow you to focus your time and energy on running your construction company.

Try out QuickBooks accounting software for your business. You can be your company’s own accountant without having studied anything related to finance management. QuickBooks offers a variety of software packages, including SimpleStart, Pro and Premier, providing small businesses with an easy way to manage their own accounts. Discover the advantages of choosing QuickBooks as your accounting assistant.

Advantages of using QuickBooks in the construction industry:

  • Keeping in touch

Whether employing someone internally or outsourcing to a specialised firm, hiring another person to handle accounts can be expensive. Another problem with employing an external accountant or accounting firm is that their relationship with your company is not always ideal. Sometimes, it can be difficult to keep track of your company’s expenses and regularly providing the accountant with all your records. By using QuickBooks accounting software, you can keep a close eye on your company expenses, without having to consult an accountant.

  • No costly training

Construction teams comprise busy individuals who need to utilise every minute to complete projects. With QuickBooks, you don’t have to set aside hours for training workshops. As part of the software package, QuickBooks provides a variety of tutorials so that training is unnecessary. You don’t need advanced technological or high computing skill levels to use QuickBooks. The method is simple; therefore anyone can learn how to use it.

  • Easy and fast

Time is money. Due to the easiness of the ‘training’ process, you can be efficient with QuickBooks within a short space of time. QuickBooks accounting software is versatile as it integrates with Microsoft Office and allows you to transfer information between the two. This makes it easy to add information and transfer for presentations.

Be your own accountant with QuickBooks

Accounting can be easy. Simply use QuickBooks accounting software to keep your income and expenses in order. After a short time using one of our packages, you’ll notice that the time and money that you would have been spending on training, hiring an in-house or external accountant, is now being spent on streamlining your construction projects. Lessen the load and contact QuickBooks for more information on our accounting software for the construction industry.