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QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions has been specifically designed for growing and large established companies to manage their increasingly complex business finances - for example it can track up to a million customers, suppliers and items.

Why choose QuickBooks?

QuickBooks has historically focused on serving the needs of small and medium sized businesses in South Africa. This is the first time the company has introduced an offering into the top end of the market. It is an all-in-one software programme with a full suite of features. There are no hidden surprises and of course it comes with QuickBooks legendary, easy-to-use interface that has made QuickBooks the choice of more than 4.5 million businesses globally.

Screenshots Taken of the Software (Click for larger view)

Why is QuickBooks
Enterprise Solutions 2013 right for you?

  • In Enterprise track up to a million customers, suppliers and items.
    • With room for up to a million names and items, growing and large companies don't have to worry about running out of space for their records.
    Multi user access for improved productivity.
    • Up to 30 people can work on the same company file at the same time - ideal for busy finance or sales teams.
    Advanced user permission controls.
    • Businesses can have finer control over which areas and functions their users can access, protecting sensitive data or important business information.
    • Users can even be allowed or denied access to a particular bank account.
    Advanced data sharing and analysis allows for better decision making
    • The software allows users to generate automated and customisable reports and analyze and share data by exporting reports to Microsoft Excel, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access and other ODBC compliant applications.
  • Work with many company files.
    • Users can open and manage any number
      of company files, at no extra cost.
    Multi-company consolidation.
    • Users can generate multi-company reports for over-arching visibility across multiple companies, or a business split into different divisions
    Stock Centre
    • Run detailed stock reports, for example: stock take worksheet, stock valuation summary by site etc.
    • Adjust stock from one location and add/view stock images for all stock parts
    Advance Stock Control
    • Track stock in multiple sites Serial/Batch number tracking on sales, purchases or transfers Setup Bar codes (Does not come with bar code printer, scanner or label printer)