Commercial Merchants cc

Service Provided: We specialize in creating custom made software specific to your business needs. Integration between custom software and QuickBooks. Internet Web applications and Hybrid systems (desktop software that link to web database systems) Custom Accounting Reports. Custom data exports from QuickBooks to Excel or any desired file format.
Expertise: QuickBooks version 10 and 12, Custom made software, software integration between QuickBooks and SQL. Integration between QuickBooks and ALpha 5 version 5 - 11. Custom made Accounting Reports, Custom made data exports to Excel or any required file format
Supported Products: QuickBooks, Alpha5 version 5 - 11 integrate to QuickBooks - Custom solutions
Fax: +27 86 657 1690
Mobile: +27 73 638 4460
Location: Goldfields
Contact Information
Phone: +27 11 869 8662